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Nov 4, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >> barbara britton is in the middle. >> buried secrets. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm lester holt. for the woman at the center of the story her son disappeared and wasn't a shred of evidence of what happened to him. she may never have known his fate if not for a quick thinking rookie detective whose tools included the internet and some plain old common sense. but to solve the cold case, she would also need the help of a killer. here's keith morrison. >> it's a strange thing that happens among the marshes, the soft soil here in coastal florida. things have a way of coming up. things buried in the ground and the past, or both. it was july of 2003, beaches quiet, snow birds back up north. no one noticed first what was started inland in a town called pembroke pines where donna, a rookie really, just been assigned a cold case unit. >> the sergeant came into the office and dropped a box of papers right on my desk and said here, what see what you can do with this. i began to wonder, is this a test to see, could she really do this? >> but the case was a challenge was an understatement. no
Nov 29, 2012 7:30am PST
. that is very generous of you barbara, but i could not allow you to pay for me. - please. - no, i insist. all right, but next time it will be my treat. by the way, i have tickets for a concert tomorrow night. would you care to join me ? it would be my pleasure. there's something i've been meaning to tell you. you are a very good student. do you know what i've just done ? i've given you a compliment. and that's what this segment is about. look at the following situat and what would you say about the story we are watching ? it is good. it is very good. it is a very good story. well, then let's get back to it. somebody had a good time last night. a great time. that's three times this week, victor. dinners, concerts, plays. i don't know how you do it. - don't you ever get tired ? - i am taking a few nights off. barbara's going out of town. rosa, can you make me breakfast ? what would you like ? i would like some cottage cheese and fruit. now i know this woman's getting to you, victor. according to barbara crossroads cafe could become an enormous success. what good would it do
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am PST
you. >> thank you. . >>> welcome back. local author barbara rose booker merged her considerable writing talent with the passion to end the bias against aging, here, here. the best seller, the viagra diaries, explore dating, relationships&at age 70. hbo offered to turn it into a tv series. she wrote two more romances and the tv deal got shake. a better one is brewing. for an update, we welcome barbara rose brooker. how does a local girl make this happen? >> oh, my gosh. you have to believe in what you want. >> uh-huh. >> and then it happens. >> as long as you know some people and they can help you long the. >> reporter: -- way. >> waited 35 years and since i'm 76 and i want to be a movie star and i have been writing for 35 years, but it's happening now. that is the fun of it. >> the interesting thing, too, you said you were open enough to say you were 76. you look great for 76. >> thank you. >> a lot of people at 76, doesn't matter what they look like. >> yeah. >> they say it's too late for me to do anything. to start something, start a business to write a book. >> try to have a
Nov 12, 2012 11:35pm PST
a child? >>> and kirstie tells all. fresh off her turn on "dancing with the stars," she tells barbara walters ant her battles with weight and falling for patrick swayze and the love of her life, john travolta. >>> there is breaking news right now. for that, we go to the abc news desk. >> good evening, everyone. i'm paula farris. we have breaking news tonight on that widening e-mail scandal rocking washington and the world. a scandal that led to the resignation of cia chief david petraeus. late this evening, abc news learned that general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, is being investigated for possibly inappropriate e-mail communications with one of the women linked to the petraeus scandal. it's the latest bombshell. kelly is a family friend of petraeus and notified the fbi she was receiving threatening e-mails. martha raddatz has the story. >> reporter: when general david petraeus granted paula broadwell exclusive and extraordinary access to pep his biography, he likely never imagined it would lead to his downfall. but tonight, his reputation is sullied. the fbi is
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm PST
of the greatest honors that i have and barbara garcia, the director of health and one of the greatest honors i have is the critical staff that i get to work with. and one of those incredible staffs is going to be susan [speaker not understood]. [cheering and applauding] >> susan is a premiere doctor in our community, in our san francisco general hospital focused on hiv and aids. ands as importantly and sometimes even more, her importance of being a researcher in the area of hiv and aids and is a renowned world leader in this area. by the way, we have many of you who are, well, world renowned researchers also in the midst of all of us. i'm the principal investigator on this project and that means that i'm supposed to be in charge of making sure it happens. so, we're 70% done and you're seeing one of the major parts of it today. and i want to introduce susan so we can get the show on the road. so, thank you so much. (applause) >> well, i want to welcome you all here today for the launch of our state offices aids renovation project otherwise known as soar. and i'm susan buck binder. i'm speaking
Nov 1, 2012 8:30am EDT
. this time from louthan county -- loudoun county, outside washington. joining me will be barbara comstock, a state delegate from the house of delegates and code- share of the room for president campaign, along with brian moran, chair of the virginia democratic party. as we continue our look at va after this update from c-span radio. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> weekly unemployment numbers show applications dropped by 9000 to a seasonally adjusted 363,000 last week. that is a level consistent with a modest hiring. the private report comes out just a day before the october jobs data. the last economic report before the election. meanwhile, the labor department says productivity increased at a modest 1.9% annual rate from july-september, matching the april-june rate. labor costs fell at the 0.1% after having risen 0.17% second quarter. productivity is the amount of output per hour of work. with tears reports in new york state is asking the u.s. federal government is paying all the cost of cleaning up and r
Nov 5, 2012 11:00am PST
uncover the mystery. >>> barbara walters, ben stiller and other famous faces answering the donation hotline. >>> cominging up at 3:00 on katie -- at 4:00, largest study on men and multi-vitamins. those stories and more later today at 4:00 and 5. >>> disney and abc are making today a day of giving. >> hollywood stars, abc news personalities all answered the hotline including barbara walters and katie couric. >> call now to donate. >> you can text abc to 90999 to give $10. disney is kicking off things with a two million dollar donation to the american red cross. samsung is matching contributions up to three million dollars. >>> quick look at other famous folks who have donated mark cuban donated one million. barbara walters donated a quarter million george stephanopoulos another $50,000. [cheers and applause]
Nov 5, 2012 11:30am PST
's up to now. how technology helped his owners uncover the mystery. >>> barbara walters, ben stiller and other famous faces answerin ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare plan that pays for some costs original medicare won't. now they can keep making memories for years to come. choose from plans offering protection from high out of pocket costs plus include prescription drug coverage with your monthly premium. get the freedom to keep the doctors you already trust. if you're eligible for medicare we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers. you only have until december 7th to enroll. >>> cominging up at 3:00 on katie -- at 4:00, largest study on men and multi-vitamins. those stories and more later today at 4:00 and 5. >>> disney and abc are maki
Nov 20, 2012 2:00am PST
home from thanksgiving this upcoming weekend, no big storms. >> that's great, bill. >>> barbara walters' most interesting people of 2012, we'll tell you who made the list. >>> plus, is hollywood's wild child headed back to the big house? the saga that never ends. >>> entertainment straight ahead. well, if it isn't mr. margin. mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball. the last guy pitched more ball packers. but you... you consulted ups. you found a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know. i have obligations. cute tobligations, but obligations.g. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares fo
Nov 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
. and actress barbara hershey is here, the star of many noble project. she is on the hit abc series. glad you have joined us. coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had said, there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only about halfway to completely eliminate hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: pleased to welcome the maria to this program. in addition to your column and the syndicated series, she is the host of a show on cnbc and joins us tonight from new york city. the dow have you back on the program. >> good to be with you. >> i mentioned all this drama, what happened at the closing bell the day? >> we saw a pretty good rally, there was rhetoric over the weekend that the two sides, republicans and democrats along with the president have the will to come together on these very important issues surr
Nov 12, 2012 12:00am PST
joined also by barbara hale. >> ms. hale will speak to the first item. >> commissioners. barbara hale, assistant general manager for power. since i appeared before you last our commission has authorized us to go forward with a communications, customer notification the taft order with the winning group and we will go forward with targeting the group and what factors that we need to take to add the boards communications and the focus rolling it out, launching the program to customers with service as earliest as july 2013. we expect to be before our commission on november 13 with a proposal for how to incorporate the direction from the board into the program, and then before the yourself and our commission in a joint meeting on november 30 where we will talk again about the same concept. how to factor in the direction we receive from the board into the program as we previously conceived of it. what the timing is that we envision to make sure that we're getting -- we're incorporating that direction and approaching the program at a pace that our commission and the lafco commission is co
Nov 12, 2012 11:35pm EST
on "dancing with the stars" tonight and next kirstie alley tells barbara walters about the romance and the love of her life, john travolta. 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire. at christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods. and a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door. so while you're celebrating, allstate will be standing by. trouble never takes a holiday. neither should your insurance. that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> tonight on "dancing with the stars" kirstie alley took the stage dress
Nov 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
remembered for two roles. first as major anthony nelson where he standard opposite barbara eden in "i dream of jeannie" and his role in "there's a" that featured him as the iconic villain. but the who shot j.r. episode was one of the most watched tv episodes. the show got a second life on tnt debuting in june of this year. hagman was filming episodes for the second season shortly before his death. the second season is set to air in january. and while there are reports that he shot at least six episodes, no word on how writers plan to address the sad news of his passing. as dallas co-stars have been reacting via twitter and facebook with lynn gentleman grey, he was a wonderful dear bigger than life friend and barbara eden remembering his big laughs and smile. the current cast released this statement saying larry hagman was a giant, a larger-than-life personality whose iconic performances as j.r. ewing will endure as one of the most indeliible in entertainment history. he truly loved important training this globally recognized character and he leaves a legacy of entertainment, generosity and
Nov 9, 2012 11:00am EST
. an exclusive video of the big name stars. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's friday, november 9th, 2012. we begin this morning with gunfire steps from the white house. four men robbed five others along jefferson ace. the victims chased after the robbers in their car until shots were fired near la fayette square. megan mcgrath joins us live where she talked to one of the victims. >> reporter: good morning. those shots were fired on 19th street, we are told. we spoke to one of the victims. it was a wild morning, it happened around 6:00 a.m. as people were headed out to work in the heart of downtown. we are less than a block off connecticut avenue in the heart of downtown. it started with a robbery, tu turned into a shooting when a car made its way to manson place at the corner of la fayette. he and his friends walked out of his business near jefferson place, a lounge in the area. it's his business. as they walked around the sidewalk, they were approached by three men, two of them wearing masks, all of them armed with guns. >> he came behind me. i told the girl in the c
Nov 15, 2012 11:00am EST
. creative ideas for summer weddings. good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith rust. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, november 15th, 2012. we have breaking news. just a few minutes ago, united airlines said their computer system is back up and running. it had been down, stranding passengers at airports across the country. there could still be delays. now, to a force from the fib in prince george's county. officers attempted to serve a search warrant. this is where tony tull is live at the scene. tell us what's going on at the scene. tony? >> reporter: still a very, very active scene here in district heights. i want to show you a picture of the scene now. federal agents still at the house. many, many agents are going in and out of the house. they were in the backyard all morning long. this morning, it was a d.c. fbi field office search warrant. they were assisted by the s.w.a.t. team. they came in around 6:00, 6:15 this morning. when they got in the house, one of the s.w.a.t. team members felt threatened. at that time, he fired his weapon. no one was hit. a woman inside the ho
Nov 9, 2012 11:30pm PST
unit. we are led by barbara garcia who is also the principal investigator of this project and i'm going to turn it to her. clap lap >> okay. as supervisor campos said, he can't wait to get inside. one of the things about this grant, the face of staff is usually a grant with research. it is either study participants or services. but this is a little different one. we were the only health department in the country to receive this. most of this went to universities. one, we didn't have as big overhead as universities do. two, we have a lot of experience in doing building. and, so, we really had to work at making sure nobody got disrupted. i do believe i have a big thank you to real estate because i think we did give them i understand general election a couple times out there. -- indigestion i want to thank them. i see win of the employees who resigned as a retiree, he was instrumentsal. (applause) >> this took space planning and trying to figure out space and it's all you know in san francisco, space can be a conflicting process. i think this worked really well. mark primo consulting with
Nov 30, 2012 11:00am PST
of the cleanpower sf program. >> barbara hale will give an update. >> thank you mr. herring -- mr. kelly, sorry. thank you, i am barbara hale, assistant general manager for power. by way of updates item four i just wanted to remind you in your packets is a detailed timeline for implementation of our cca program. we also are in working constructively with lafco in their advisory role to the board in implementation our cca program we are operating under a memorandum of understanding with lafco that describes the roles and responsibilities of our respective staff and we expect that as we get to actual program launch we will come back to you with a new mou that describes our ongoing relationship at the time. the mou we're operating under this point is expired but i think we're both comfortable to serve those roles until the program takes better shape and we can then revisit roles and responds with that information in hand. then the other item i wanted to make mention of by way of update is some of our activities at the california public utilities commission. we did go forward with the filing o
Nov 4, 2012 7:00pm EST
much, barbara. and thank you all. nice to be here at politics and prose. as barbara said, i have not been here before. i live a little bit too far away and don't publish books that often. it takes me about six or eight years to get one of these things done. i am going to talk informally for 20 or 25 minutes. is that what you said? yes. about the book. and the subjects and to some extent about the writing of the book, and then you notice drill better than i do, i'm sure. you will hear from you. you will have some conversation. as barbara explained, this is a book about scary, new, emerging diseases and where they emerged from. where they emerged from, generally, as wildlife. it's from other species, non-human animals. in particular nonhuman animals other than our domesticated animals. there is -- if you have been following certain stories in the news over the last few months you know that one point of entry into this subject is at daily newspaper itself. you have probably heard about the hantavirus killing three people have visited yosemite this summer. people have been dying in n
Nov 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
the real problems with david petraeus' record. you may not get something like that from barbara starr who is a spokesperson for the pentagon in many ways. >> michael, you started laughing two-thirds of the way through that one. what do you think when you see that? >> my friend barbara star send me their best wishes, i'm sure. the point i was making and why i made that point is because you have a scandal with general petraeus where it's a sex scandal and almost in any other situation the media would have turned on him and tried to rip him to shreds. but because he's in the military and he has this emperor-like persona around him they treat him very softly. >> let me challenge you on what you said there and what you're saying now. barbara star, pentagon correspondent in cnn, where in journalism is she supposed to be an advocate, and where is she supposed to say where she goes to the press conferences tells what you they said. >> with barbara star in particular. she had a reputation if she didn't get her way my best friend is a general and i will complain to them. she would, quote say things
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
and barbara, and thank you all for coming out today on this ribbon cutting on a very, very important center of research. we have never given up on this fight to end aids, and i am so thankful to be working with supervisor scott weaner and supervisor david campos and the board of supervisors. and we have through the budget year in and year out, and particularly this last couple years, where state and federal funds may have been waiting. we stood up and said, we are continuing this fight at the highest level to make sure we fund everything we can to end this aids epidemic. you know, i've been in the city working and the numbers came out. there were 20,000 people that died of this dreaded disease. there were over 20,000 people, more still are suffering from the aids epidemic and we need to find those cures. and, so, today is a delightful day because it is now again a part of the innovation spirit of this city that we create the clinical resources that we need, the laboratories that we need to invite the doctors and the researchers to come here and help us discover the latest efforts and to mak
Nov 11, 2012 5:00am PST
of national aids policy in d.c. to work for the health department for 15 years under barbara's inspirational leadership and susan's incredible mentor ship and supervision. it's just been fantastic to go to d.c. and realize what incredible history and progress san francisco has and continues to make and help guide us at the national level in terms of the epidemic. today the celebration of bridge research is just another step forward, a huge step forward in the city's remarkable leadership at the local, national, and international level in hiv prevention care and treatment. and the bridge research team, the history has just been remarkable in terms from the early days of the epidemic, in terms of the natural history of the disease, vaccine research, prevention measures, prophylaxis, treatment, testing technologies. as susan was saying, bringing this all together was integrating with surveillance work, with prevention work, and with community-based organizations. and this is really the san francisco model that really resonates in terms of how we approach the epidemic. the research is eloquent,
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
with the latest on the scandal that keeps getting bigger and more bizarre, cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr and intelligence correspondent, suzanne kelly. welcome back to you both. >> thank you. >> when we talked on friday night, it was all just breaking and it seemed a relatively straightforward scandal but none of us thought it would stay that way, and sure enough, tonight, a really bizarre twist. it's not john kerry possibly becoming defense secretary, nothing bizarre about that at all. what is bizarre is this revelation in the "wall street journal" and it's reported there, we haven't independently corroborated this, that apparently the fbi agent originally detailed to investigate this scandal ended up sending shirtless pictures of himself to this other woman, the other other woman. suzanne kelly, where do we even start with this? >> i don't know. you know, after doing this story like pretty much nonstop for four days, i keep thinking that we might be finding out the last sort of crazy detail and another one crops up. i have a feeling that's going to continue to happen for a couple
Nov 15, 2012 8:00pm PST
an antimuslim video. let's get right to the breaking report right now. barbara starr is at the pentagon. you've been breaking this. tell us what you're learning tonight about david petraeus' testimony on benghazi. >> i've spoken to a source close to petraeus, directly familiar with petraeus' thinking on this matter. petraeus, we are told, wants to go to the hill, set the record straight and tell everything he knows. he will start by saying indeed that he knew almost immediately after that it was ansar al sharia, but there was also confusion. he had about 20 intelligence reports linking the attacks to that video, that anti-islamic video. those reports were disproven, but not until after he had briefed capitol hill. all of this took some time to sort out. that's what he wants to lay out tomorrow. >> and barbara, if he knew, and i know you're saying there were conflicting reports, which we have heard before, but if he knew and he's going to say he knew almost immediately it was the work of an al qaeda link ed militia, can he explain why susan right went on five talk shows and was very clear? >>
Nov 3, 2012 4:00pm EDT
the history of the state. .. >> good evening. i'm barbara meade, one of the founders of politics & prose and sec this evening, we have c-span here. it's been like working back there? we have just one night she too asked questions. so if you need access to this and you're sitting over there, you can go around back. i want to welcome david quammen, who escon this evening to talk about his new book, "spillover." this is the first time david has been to politics & prose. he's written many, many books, including song of the dodo, which won the john burroughs medal potential history rating. david holds honorary degrees from colorado college in montana state university where he served as though professor of western americans studies. he's also won the national magazine award three times for articles in a wide variety of magazines including "esquire," the atlantic and "rolling stone." the third of these awards, magazine awards was for the "national geographic" story called what starr went wrong. national agree -- "national geographic" kids in the -- which requires them to recommend egc three art
Nov 27, 2012 2:05am PST
. >> they just finished their run performing with barbara streisand, and i saw them. their second cd is in stores right now called "we are love." and they are -- >> we are il volo. >> one of you has lost 70 pounds. >> what happened? barely recognize you. >> yes, yes. i'm starting to eat better. >> you're starting? >> yes. >> wow, you look great. >> can you believe what's happened? this second cd is doing well, just dropped yesterday, yeah? >> it's great. >> how is it being on stage with barbara streisand? >> always been our dream singing with big stars in the world, singing with barbara streisand is an honor and pleasure. barbara is barbara. >> she was pleased to be with il volo. what are you singing for us? >> here they are, il volo. love to say that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> we love you guys! tune in for our show on christmas eve, everybody, the guys are going to have another performance for us. >> you can also catch them at the rockefeller christmas tree lighting on wednesday night. you are going to be singing 8:00/7:00 central on nbc. >> thanks, guys. we
Nov 5, 2012 7:00am PST
and friends there, barbara walters right next to ben stiller this morning. all of our colleagues raising money to help the victims of hurricane sandy. you see the number on our screen right there. 1-800-help-now call in now. donate, contribute. help the victims of hurricane sandy as we are coming together this morning. you can also go to one of the special events this morning. robin roberts, we're going to see her from home with a very special message for everyone. >> it's great to hear from robin after being in the hurricane zone. it's really great that people are helping from across the country. pitching in to help the survivors. including our own. hey, ben, how are you? >> we're hearing from people in fargo, north dakota, ft. lauderdale, people who have been in situations like this who are wanting to reach out and help. i'm here with tony danza, ex creami extremely popular. you guys are busy there. >> you have the fargo, and ft. lauderdale. >> it's just wonderful. she said, i have an extra room and i'm happy to tell anyone in. just the generosity and thoughts from ev
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
, real estate mogul and shark tank star barbara corkwin. >>> and about face, facebook shares hitting another multimonth high. should you be buying this turn around? we'll get the bull case with the shareholder of graykroft partne partners. >>> president obama holding a summit at the white house as we speak with several ceos about how to fix the fiscal cliff. john harwood at the scene at the white house joining us now with the latest. john, what have you seen so far? >> reporter: well, a few minutes ago, a group of ceos including lloyd blankfein of goldman sachs, and others made their way down the white house driveway into that meeting, our own brian roberts from comcast. they're engaging in the private conversation where the president is trying to drum up air cover to get congress to go along with what he calls a fair and balanced approach. now, the president put public pressure on himself this afternoon by standing with a group of middle-class taxpayers behind him and saying he wants a deal and doesn't want to wait until new year's eve. >> our ultimate goal is an agreement that gets
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
're going to have more on that in a moment. but first, we go to our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. she has more on this developing story, breaking headline after headline today. barbara, where is general allen right now? what is his reaction to these allegations of potentially inappropriate e-mails? >> reporter: well, erin, general allen is said to be here in washington. in fact, he flew here from afghanistan, because on thursday he was supposed to have that senate confirmation hearing to become the military head of nato, all of that now on hold. sources close to general allen have told our own nick paton walsh that allen says he did not have an affair with jill kelley, a pentagon official has also said directly that general allen denies any affair, any extra marital involvement with jill kelley. but look, erin. the reality here is, defense secretary leon panetta ordered up a full-blown inspector general investigation, and a lot of people around the pentagon say leon panetta wouldn't have done that unless there was something that needed to be looked into. >> and barbara, what's yo
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
. joining me is barbara starr and intelligence correspondent, suzanne kelly. welcome back to you both. every night i say right off the top, can any of us get our heads round this and how much more ridiculous can it get, and lo and behold, it gets more ridiculous. barbara starr, let's try and get to what we believe to be the facts behind all the kind of lurid, titillating headlines. a second general today, petraeus' successor in afghanistan, general john allen, a marine corps four star general, current nominee to be the new nato supreme allied commander, so a very big fish indeed in the military. he is apparently at the center of a scandal involving 30,000 documents, all pages or e-mails or whatever that he exchanged with this second woman, the other other woman, jill kelley. what do we know about the content of this? because it's not as simple as simply 30,000 e-mails, right? >> well, that's the real question. what's really involved here. the spin machine is in full cycle on this one. the pentagon says it's about 30,000 pages of documents. they may not all be e-mails, but a good portion of t
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